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"Raising Godly Children In An Ungodly World" - We Live In A Culture Hostile to Godly Values! This lesson will help equip parents who desire to bring their children up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. - January 1, 2012 – MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF

"Having A Heart For Fruitful Faith" - The strength, durability and fruitfulness of our faith is determined by the attitude we CHOOSE to have towards God’s word! Matthew 13:3-23 – January 8, 2012 - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF

"The Reality of Individual Responsibility & Accountability" - Personal Responsibility Cannot Be Shifted - we must help others bear their burdens, but we must also bear our own. We will reap what we have sown. Galatians 6:1-10; January 8, 2012 - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF

"Sowing The Seeds Of Unbelief And Reaping Infidelity" - The principle of reaping what we sow applied to the influence we have on others – Gal. 6:7-9; Mat 5:13-16; 18:6-14; Rom 2:17-24 - January 15, 2012 - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF

"The Truth About Lying" - Children of God should imitate God, (Ep. 5:1), thus we should never lie. What is lying? How does God view lying? What are some temporal consequences of lying? What is the destiny of all liars? Acts 5:1-10; Prov 6:16-19; Rev. 21:8 - January 15, 2012 - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF

"When Sodom Lived In Lot’s Family" - Sodom and Gomorrah has long been a standing example & warning of God's judgment and upon wickedness. Not only did Lot's family live in Sodom, but Sodom also lived in Lot's family - Even after we escape the world by obeying the gospel, the world does not cease its pursuit of us! - January 22, 2012 - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF

"Conquering After Joshua" -A type of the battle we as Christians face in the world and the importance of conquering sin in our lives through Jesus - (Matt McClister) - January 22, 2012 - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF

"What Scriptural Baptism Accomplishes" - Seven NT Analogies To Describe What Is Accomplished When a Person Is Scripturally Baptized -  January 29,2012 - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF

"What Did Jesus Think About The Scriptures?" - If you believe in Jesus you must think about the Scriptures as He did - January 29, 2012 - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF

"What Is Your Excuse?" - In Exodus chapters 3 & 4 we find Moses making one excuse after another as to why he was not the man for the job to lead the children of Israel out of Egypt. God has called US to TRY and lead people out of the bondage of sin: Have you ever made excuses for your lack of personal evangelism? - February 5, 2012 - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF

"What Do You Think About The Christ?" - We must believe in the Jesus Christ of the NT, (The Christ, God in the flesh, Lord of Lord's, Savior, His death, burial and resurrection, etc., John 8:24). But this lesson is more about how our understanding of Christ translates into the kind of person we are and how we live our lives. Is Christ your life? Is Christ the pattern for your life? Is Christ the prize of your life? Is Christ the joy of your life? Is Christ the power for your life? - Paul viewed Christ as all of these things, and I hope you do as well! -(a survey of Philippians) - February 8, 2012 - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF

"What Place Does Sin Have In The Life of A Child of God?" - A study of 1 John 3:1-9 - Sin and God are incompatible - those who are led by God are not led by God into sin! We cannot walk in the light and in the darkness at the same time - one cannot have fellowship with God, cannot abide in God, does not know God, and is not of God while at the same time committing sin. - February 8, 2012 - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF

"Our Way, or God’s Way - Does It Matter?" - Those who are not allowing God to direct their steps need to change - but those who are following God's way need to continue! - The Word of God doesn’t need to be changed and cannot be changed! God’s way cannot be improved upon! - February 19, 2012 - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF

"Unity of The Spirit Or Unity in Diversity?" - A study of the Lord's desire, will and means for His children to be united. - February 19, 2012 - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF

"What Made David Think He Could Win?" - David saw a cause worth fighting for & David’s trust in the Lord was greater than his doubt, or fear of failure! - He knew what we all should know - all things opposed to God and his people will lose when we trust God and obey Him - We too face giants in our lives - but none can stand against God when we trust Him! -February 26, 2012 - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF

"Why I Am A Member of the Church of Christ" - The simple answer to the question, "Why are you a member of the church of Christ?" would be that the Lord added me to His church when I by faith obeyed the gospel, (Acts 2:47). But why am I a member of this local church? Why do I fellowship others who identify themselves as members of the church of Christ? - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF

"The Woman Who Did What She Could" - There are some valuable lessons to be learned from Mary's anointing of Jesus, (Mark 14:1-9). Some think of what they would do - IF they had the money, the time, the talent . . . etc. Are we doing what we can with what we have? - March 11, 2012 - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF

"An Introduction To the Book of James" - (James 1:1,2) Join us as we take an overall perspective of the most practical book in the New Testament. James stresses the value of faith in every aspect of the Christian’s life - especially in view of the trials of this life! - March 11, 2012 - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF

"The Believers Assurance" - Can we as Christians, who (like me), deny the doctrine of "Once Saved, Always Saved," know we are saved? Can we know we are secure and in Christ? In this lesson I demonstrate how we can and should! - March 18, 2012 - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF

"Turning Trials Into Triumph" - (James 1:2-12). Trials are a part of life! We will all face them - some we will face simply because we are humans - others specifically because we are Christians. What should our view be of these trials? - March 18, 2012 - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF

"The State & Character of the Child of God" - The Beatitudes are a collection of eight characteristics (qualities of life) that separate children of God from the rest of the world (Matt 5:3–12). These eight beatitudes describe the blessed state of those who humbly submit themselves to the will of God. In this study we will examine the first four - Matthew 5:3-6! - March 25, 2012 & April 1, 2012 - Part One MP3 / Part Two MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE PART 1 / KEYNOTE PART 2 / PDF

"The Influence of the Kingdom Citizen" - "You are the salt of the earth . . . You are the light of the world" - Metaphors describing the influence of the true kingdom citizen in this wicked world. -April 8. 2012 - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF

"The Source, Character & Danger of Temptation" - Who is to blame for our sin? Why do we sin? - James 1:13-16 - April 8. 2012 - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF

"Jesus & The Law" - Jesus came to fulfill, not to cause the Law to fail. Since Jesus accomplished His mission and fulfilled the Law, no part of it is presently in effect. We are under the Law of Christ today and we must respect and observe it in its totality. - Mat 5:17-20 - April 15, 2012 - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF

"Faithful in Word & Deed" - Since all good things come from God - let us NEVER blame Him or be angry with Him for our problems - but rather trust & submit to Him in all things - James 1:17-27 - April 15, 2012 - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF

"Murder, Anger & Hatred" - True righteousness extends beyond the "letter of the Law." - Matthew 5:21-26 - April 22, 2012 - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF

"Worshipping In Spirit & Truth" - Karl VanDevender - John 4:24 - April 22, 2012 - MP3

"Avoiding Adultery" - Jesus strikes at the heart of the problem - He tracks the sin of adultery to its lair. This sin, (and every sin), is extremely serious, and we should take radical steps to avoid sin in our life! - Mat 5:27-30 - April 29, 2012 - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF

"The Sin of Partiality"- In the first century, A.D., polarized conditions governed society. Showing partiality was being practiced and its sinfulness needed to be pointed out. "The Sin Of Partiality" is still prevalent today, (level of education and income, health, age, gender, race, etc.). The sin of "favoritism" or "prejudice" has no place in those who have faith in Christ. James 2:1-13 - April 29, 2012 - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF

"Divorce - The Problem, Consequences, Causes & Solution" - Jesus continues His discussion of marriage and the principle of love by addressing a grievous violation of love - the matter of "divorce." Jesus points out that divorce, (except for the cause of fornication), is a loveless, dishonorable and destructive act - thus sinful. -(Mat 5:31-32) - May 6, 2012 - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF

"Making Oaths or Honesty & Integrity?" - Jesus continues to emphasize the righteousness demanded of citizens in His kingdom by demanding complete honesty. The Lord is stresses the essential truth that every word we utter is “before God” and subject to divine judgment. A simple “yes” or “no” puts men under no less obligation to tell the truth and honor their promises than the most stringent oath. Matthew 5:33-37; May 13, 2012 - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF

"Types of Faith That Cannot Save & The Kind That Will" - Faith that does not respect, love and trust the Lord enough to obey Him - will not and cannot save me or you! Only faith that respects, loves and trusts the Lord enough to obey Him will save me or anyone else! - James 2:14-26; May 13, 2012 - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF

"Revenge & Personal Retribution" - Jesus continues to emphasize the righteousness demanded of citizens in His kingdom by demanding doing what’s right even when others treat us wrong. (Matthew 5:38-42) - May 20, 2012 - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF

“The Power of Our Tongue” - It is such a small member, yet we should NEVER underestimate the role it plays, either for good or evil, in one’s ability to effect the lives of others. (James 3:1-12) - May 20:2012 - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF

"Loving Your Enemies" - Jesus continues to emphasize the righteousness demanded of citizens in His kingdom by demanding we bless, do good, and pray for our enemies. (Matthew 5:43-48) - May 27, 2012 - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF

"The Road To Glory" - Ashton Wilson - May 27, 2012 - MP3

"Two Great Threats To Our Right Standing With God" - True righteousness & piety rest not upon our relationship with people and things - but our relationship with God! - True righteousness & piety reaches to heart depth! Jesus strikes at the heart of hypocrisy - pride & worldliness - June 3, 2012 -  MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF

Old Testament Sacrifices As A Type of New Testament Worship - Tommy Thornhill - June 10, 2012 -  MP3 / PPT

Bearing One Another's Burdens - Tommy Thornhill - June 10, 2012 -  MP3 / PPT

Putting The Power Back In Prayer - John Hines - June 11, 2012 - MP3 / PDF

Must We Attend Every Service? - John Hines - June 12, 2012 - MP3 / PDF

Worship - James Hamilton - June 14, 2012 - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE

Unblemished Sacrifice of Praise - James Hamilton - June 15, 2012 - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE

“There Remains A Rest” - This life can be hard - difficult - filled with struggles! The battles we are called to fight are both external and internal - and the threat of falling is real - but so is the rest that remains for the faithful child of God!! (Hebrews 4:1-13) - June 17, 2012 -  MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF 

"Two Kinds of Wisdom" - James is still dealing with the tongue - but goes beyond the sins of the tongue to the source of those sins. - James 3:13-18 - June 17, 2012- MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF

"The Case for the Deity of Christ" - (Part 1) - Interpretations of Jesus are fraught with bias. It is essential, therefore, that believers have a firm foundation in Scripture relating to this teaching. (2 John 1:7) The biblical teaching about Jesus constitutes a powerful cumulative case regarding Jesus as our Lord and God. June 24, 2012 - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF 

"The Case for the Deity of Christ" - (part 2) - An examination of some of the attributes, titles and descriptions of Jesus, in my view, leads us to but one conclusion. July 1, 2012 - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF 

"The Case for the Deity of Christ" - (part 3) - Jesus shares in the deeds that God does - Creator / Sustainer / Redeemer / Savior / forgives sin. July 15, 2012 - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF

"Wars, Worldliness & God's Will" - The wisdom that is "earthly, sensual & demonic" causes major problems in the church and the life of the believer! So what is the solution to the problem? - (James 4:1-12) July 15, 2012 - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF

"The Case For The Deity of Christ" - Jesus shares in the seat of God - Jesus prayed in John 17:5 that He have the glory restored to Him that He once had with the Father. When we examine the glory, honor, authority and perogotives possessed and exercised by Jesus after His resurrection - we see that indeed it was. Jesus Christ executes the very perogatives and position over the universe and all spiritual host as the Father. - July 22, 2012 - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF  

"Elders - Shepherding God's Flock" - A study of the need for qualified elders in every church - 1 Peter 5:1-4; 1 Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:6-9 - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF

"Planning Our Future" - The need for God's will in all of our plans - If God is truly the center of our lives, then every decision will revolve around our desire to please Him - James 4:13-17 - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF

"Charitable Deeds" - Pride Corrupts Acts of Love - The teaching of Jesus ASSUMES that His disciples would engage in "charitable deeds," and in this section He has directed His words to the spirit and manner of such deeds - Matthew 6:1-4 - August 5, 2012 - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF

The Godward Life & Prayer - “Pride Corrupts Acts of Worship” - The issue is not who sees our acts of devotion or where our acts of devotion occurs - but the motive for our acts of devotion - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF

The Godward Life & Prayer - “Jesus Teaches His Disciples How To Pray” - Jesus sets forth principles for acceptable prayer - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF

"The Godward Life & Fasting" - “Directing our hearts fully toward God” - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - We need to humble ourselves & wholly devote ourselves to God & His work. How seriously do we take our standing before God & our service to Him?

"A Warning To The Wealthy & Need For Patience" - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - Both of these topics need serious attention in our society! Obtaining anything valuable & important requires time and continual effort. 

"Where Is Your Heart, Focus & Loyalty?" - Wherever your TREASURE REALLY is! - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - Are the things you treasure most material & temporary or spiritual & eternal? What do you deem most valuable? Where are your goals and desires centered? Where do your loyalties really lie?

“The Worldliness of Worry” - Materialistic Priorities Results In Anxiety – - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - What will become of the material things we LOVE? To spend life focussed on material things is to waste life and will be regretted at some point! A divided heart produces doubt, guilt & anxiety – 9/2/2012

“Judgment Without Mercy” - Text actually instructs us to make wise discernments! – We MUST Look Out For Logs – Dogs - Hogs –& Wolves! - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - Jesus is not condemning judging between right and wrong, or between righteous men and wicked men - but He is condemning the hypercritical, hypocritical disease of the soul that constantly finds fault with what others say and do. It is the attitude of the critic who “arrogantly assumes a superiority that entitles him or her to assess the failings of others,” – 9/9/2012

“The Prayer of Faith” - Prayer changes things! - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - This is a challenging passage that needs to be examined objectively. We will be attempting to answer these questions - Is this passage dealing with miraculous Divine healing? - Is this text applicable today? What are some things we should learn and apply from this text? – 9/9/2012

"Asking, Seeking & Knocking" - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - “True Righteousness & Heavenly Blessings Are Obtainable By All True Seekers!”

"Restoring Straying Saints" -  MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - We Need To Recognize The Importance Of Seeking Those Gone Astray & Develop The Qualities Needed To Regain Them! 9/16/2012

"The Challenge To Choose" - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - There have always been but two choices - Life or Death! Truth or Lies! God or Satan! Straight or Wide, Difficult or Easy! We will choose one or the other! Which will you choose? - 9/23/2012

"The Wisdom of God" - by Jorge Gonzales - MP3 - 9/23/2012

"The Danger of False Teachers" - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - The danger is as REAL today has it was then - How serious is false teaching? How can we recognize false teachers? 9/30/2012

"I Sat Where The Sat" - We need to understand the need others have so we can be equipped to help them! How willing are we to "put ourselves in their shoes?" - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 9/30/2012

"Who Will Enter The Kingdom of God?" - It's NOT just what you say, but also what you do - ONLY those who do the will of the Father will be saved! - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 10/14/2012

"We Can Trust The Bible" - This lesson serves as an introduction to a series on the trustworthiness of the Bible, in which we will examine many questions pertaining to the reliability of the scriptures. This study examines the question, "is it reasonable to believe the scriptures?"  - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 10/14/2012

"Building A Life That Will Last" - It's NOT just what you hear, but also what you do - To endure through this life and in the face of the final judgment - one MUST obey the words of Jesus! - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 10/21/2012

"The Bible is Inspired By God" - What does "inspired by God" mean? What are some false concepts of the inspiration of the scriptures? To what extent are the scriptures inspired by God?  - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 10/21/2012

"Unmasking Satan's Biggest Lies" - Satan is a liar, (John 8:44). In this study of Genesis 3:1-7 we will examine how Satan attempts to alter the way we think about God  - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 10/28/2012

"Politics of Pilgrims" - What role, if any should Christians play in our government? Do we understand the the implications & obligations of being citizens of heaven? (Phili 3:17-4:1)  - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 11/11/2012

"Can We Trust The Bible?" - How did we get our Bible? Who decided what was to be included in the Bible: MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 11/11/2012

"When Time Runs Out" - How much time do you have? The day will come when "every one of us shall give account of himself to God" - (Romans 14:12). How will you live out the rest of your time? MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 11/4/2012

"Where Are The Nine?" - (Turning Thanksgiving Into Thankful Living) - Why are people unthankful? Ingratitude is an attitude that leads to more ungodliness and manifests a lack of humility, love, respect, faith & hope? How thankful are we for the MANY blessings God has graciously provided for us? (Luke 17:11-19)  - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 11/18/2012

"Can We Trust The Bible?" - What Books Belong In Our Bible? Who decided what was to be included in the Bible? MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 11/18/2012

"Looking To Jesus" - (The Author & Finisher of our faith) - Jesus is our perfect example - He has blazed the trail - He has made the way of salvation possible. In order to be with Him for eternity we must follow Him! - (Hebrews 12:1-3)  - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 11/25/2012

The Importance of Studying The Bible - by Rufus Thrower - MP3

"Looking To Jesus" - (Attitude Towards The Scriptures) - Jesus is our perfect example in how we ought to view the scriptures! - (Luke 24:44-46)  - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 12/2/2012

"Looking To Jesus" - (How To Be Meek & Lowly In Heart) - Humility & meekness are the basic building blocks for spiritual life! - Jesus is our perfect example! - (Matthew 11:28-30)  - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 12/9/2012

"Can We Trust The Bible?" - Does history & Archeology support the accuracy & trustworthiness of the scriptures? MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 12/9/2012

"Looking To Jesus" - (Our perfect example of how to live sacrificially) - The incarnation, the humble life He lived, the giving of Himself on the cross - all of which He did for us. We must give our lives to Him who died for us! - (Matthew 20:25-38; Romans 12:1-3)  - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 12/16/2012

"Can We Trust The Bible?" - The accuracy of prophecy proves that the Bible is of divine origin. MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 12/16/2012

"Looking To Jesus" - (Our perfect example of how to view sin & the sinner) - Our attitude towards sin determines if we will, through Christ, gain victory over it or not! - We will NOT be victorious over sin until we learn to hate it like our Lord does. We also need to remember that there is a difference between sin and the sinner!  (Hebrews 1:8,9)  - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 12/23/2012

"Living Joyfully In The Lord" - (Philippians 4:4-9) - Sean Cavender - MP3  - 12/23/2012


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