"Creation: A Scientific Perspective.” - Max Dawson host as Dr. Buddy Payne examines the evidence for a designer wholly from the natural world we can observe.  The first 10 minutes set the stage, so please don't skip that. Then, you go on a fascinating search for language that demands an intelligent designer. Dr. Payne serves as President of Florida College in Temple Terrace, Florida. He received his professional training at Florida College (A.A.); Florida State University (B.S. in Science Education); Harvard University (M.A.T. in Science Education); University of South Florida (Ph.D. in Mathematics Education). - (This was recorded at the Dowlen Road church of Christ)

Other recent lessons by brother Payne:

Dr. Payne has devoted much time and energy to the study and discussion of the creation/evolution controversy. He has delivered numerous lectures on this topic on college campuses and other settings.

‍        Lesson 1: Origins, Who Needs Faith?

‍        Lesson 2: The Signature in the Cell

‍        Lesson 3: The Argument from Complexity

‍        Lesson 4: The One Thing I Do

‍        Lesson 5: Biochemical Classification

Sermons By Don McClain

"Is It Reasonable To Believe In God" - In This Scientific Age? - The Most Reasonable Cause & Order For The Material Universe - (Are there better arguments for God’s existence than against it? - What is the best explanation for the existence and continuance of the universe?) - MP3 / KEYNOTE / PPT / PDF - (10/13/2013)

"The Most Reasonable Cause of Life & Its Complexities" - As the Psalmist said "I am fearfully and wonderfully made" - (Psalm 139:14). This is a fairly detailed look at the problems Atheists face in trying to explain the origin of life on earth. Natural Evolutionist must face the reality - there is really ONLY one reasonable explanation - GOD! - MP3 / KEYNOTE / PPT / PDF - (10/20/2013)

"Is It Reasonable To Believe In God" - The Most Reasonable Explanation For Morality, Conscience, & Spirituality? - (Naturalistic Evolution Cannot Explain: . . . 1) Man having rational intelligence. [ability to reason, invent, communicate, discern, decide, etc.] . . . 2) Man having emotions. [He can experience joy, love, anger, hatred, sorrow, etc.] . . . 3) Man having a conscience. [He is able, not only to distinguish right from wrong, but also to have an inherent sense of guilt when he has done wrong and a sense of approval when he has done right.]  How can these things originate & evolve from inanimate matter? The only rational explanation is God! - MP3 / KEYNOTE / PPT / PDF - (11/03/2013)

The Deity of Christ

"The Case for the Deity of Christ" - (Part 1) - Interpretations of Jesus are fraught with bias. It is essential, therefore, that believers have a firm foundation in Scripture relating to this teaching. (2 John 1:7) The biblical teaching about Jesus constitutes a powerful cumulative case regarding Jesus as our Lord and God. June 24, 2012 - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF 

"The Case for the Deity of Christ" - (part 2) - An examination of some of the attributes, titles and descriptions of Jesus, in my view, leads us to but one conclusion. July 1, 2012 - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF 

"The Case for the Deity of Christ" - (part 3) - Jesus shares in the deeds that God does - Creator / Sustainer / Redeemer / Savior / forgives sin. July 15, 2012 - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF

"The Case For The Deity of Christ" - Jesus shares in the seat of God - Jesus prayed in John 17:5 that He have the glory restored to Him that He once had with the Father. When we examine the glory, honor, authority and prerogatives possessed and exercised by Jesus after His resurrection - we see that indeed it was. Jesus Christ executes the very prerogatives and position over the universe and all spiritual host as the Father. - July 22, 2012 - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF  


Series By Don Patton

‍        The Dead Sea Scrolls - (Audio)

‍        Archeology & The New Testament - (Audio)

‍        Archeology & The Old Testament - (Audio)

‍        What Is Creation Science? - (Audio Part 1 / Audio Part 2)

‍        Evolution & The Laws of Science - (Audio Part 1 / Audio Part 2)

‍        How Old Is The Earth? - (Audio Part 1 / Audio Part 2)

‍        The Record of The Rocks - (Audio Part 1 / Audio Part 2)

‍        The Fossil Record - (Audio Part 1 / Audio Part 2)


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