HERE IS WATER (What Hinders You?) (Acts 8:26-40) By Don McClain [01/28/2024] / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDFVIDEO

“The One Baptism of Ephesians 4:5” - What is baptism according to the Bible? What is its purpose? Does baptism save? Does it matter how or why we were baptized? (April 18, 2021) AUDIO / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF / VIDEO

"What Scriptural Baptism Accomplishes" - Seven NT Analogies To Describe What Is Accomplished When a Person Is Scripturally Baptized -  January 29,2012 - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF

“Questions About Your Baptism" —   (Selected Passages) — WHEN were you baptized? HOW were you baptized? WHY were you baptized? Were You Responding to the Gospel of Christ or a Doctrine of Men? —  AUDIOPPT / KEYNOTE / PDF — 04/08/2018

“Saved Like Noah" - [Baptism also now saves us … 1 Peter 3:18-22] - Many strive to explain the apostle Peter’s words in the above text in ways that negate that which he affirms. This study is a detailed examination of this text — 1) what is meant by the type / antitype construction of verses 20 and 21?  — 2) What does Peter mean when he says, “baptism also now saves us?” — 3) What is the meaning of the parenthetical phrase "(not the removal of the filth of the flesh, but the answer of a good conscience toward God)? - I realize many may disagree with the conclusions we have reached, but I pray that all will prayerfully and sincerely consider this study and accept that which is the truth. (If anyone has any questions about this lesson, or other materials on this site - please contact me  - DM) - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 4/26/2015

We Are Saved By Grace Through Faith ...

“The Nature of Saving FAITH” (1) — (Hebrews 11:1-40; James 2:14-24; Romans 4:13-25)  The Bible speaks of different kinds of faith. There is only one kind of faith that saves us. The only viable faith is the faith that obeys God! — What KIND of FAITH did Abraham Have? — What kind of FAITH do you have? — AUDIOPPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 2/19/2017

“The Nature of Saving FAITH” (2)— (Romans 3:19-5:5)  In Romans 4 Paul is contrasting two opposing SYSTEMS, “FAITH & WORKS.” The “works” system cannot save a sinner because it demands perfection - and no amount of work can undo the sinners sin. The “Faith” system on the other hand implements forgiveness through Jesus thus providing justification on the grounds of God’s grace. Abraham was justified by the system of faith, not by the system of perfect Law keeping. But what kind of FAITH does the system of faith require?  What KIND of FAITH did Abraham Have? — AUDIOPPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 2/26/2017

“The Nature of Saving FAITH” (3)— (Romans 10:1-18)  The Bible is clear that all who are saved are saved through FAITH. The question under consideration in this study is “When Does Faith Save?” — Romans 10:9 & 10 state that one must cofess with their mouth & believe in their heart UNTO salvation / righteousness. Verse 13 says that "whoever calls on the name of the Lord will be saved." SO when we answer the question, “what does it mean to call upon the name of the Lord?” we will have the answer to WHEN FAITH SAVES. —  AUDIOPPT / KEYNOTE / PDF — 3/5/2017

Objections To  Baptism Considered

Baptism Is A Work & We Are Not Saved By Works! - Are We Saved By Works? Many say there is no sense in which we are saved by works - but is that what the Bible really teaches? - What about baptism? What about obedience? - February 6, 2011 - MP3 / PPT / PDF

The Thief On The Cross Wasn’t Baptized! Saul Was Saved Before He Was Baptized! - Cornelius Was Saved Before He Was Baptized! - (PowerPoint)

Paul Was Not Sent To Baptize! (PowerPoint)

Arguments Made On Mark 16:16; Acts 2:38 - (PowerPoint)

"Bible Terms and Phrases Used In Unbiblical Ways - (Baptism)" - False Teachers Use The Bible! - Satan used the scripture too! In this lesson we will be studying the term "Baptism" and some of the ways men twist the Bible meaning of the term - November 6, 2011 - MP3 / PPT / PDF

"Bible Terms and Phrases Used In Unbiblical Ways - (Grace, Faith & Works)" - Terms that are perhaps abused more than any. Does grace exclude action on our part? Does faith alone save? Is it heretical to teach that there is a sense in which works are required for salvation? - November 13, 2011 - (Part 1) MP3 / (Part 2) MP3 / PPT / PDF 

Other Sermons On Baptism

“WHY WE NEED JESUS” (Philippians 2:7-11) (May 29, 2022) AUDIO / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF / VIDEO

“What The Gospel Can Do” (Acts 26:18) (May 15, 2022) AUDIO / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF / VIDEO

Are You Ready To Be Baptized? - (PowerPoint)

Things Baptism Will NOT Do! - (PowerPoint)

“The New Birth” - (John 3:1-21) - In order for one to enter into the kingdom of heaven one must be born again, i.e., born from above. What is the new birth? How can one be born again? Does “born of water” have reference to water baptism?   - AUDIO / KEYNOTE / PPT / PDF - (12/1/2013)

"Baptism In The Name Of . . ." - Is there a uniform baptismal formula which must be spoken by the baptizer? - March 20, 2011 - MP3 / PPT / PDF

"The Bible Doctrine of Justification By Faith" - Justification defined, its source, provision, our need to be made right with God, and how we can become justified before God. - December 18,2011 - MP3 / PPT / PDF

"Preaching Jesus Christ And Him Crucified" - (1 Cor. 1:23; 2:2) - Many say: "We Ought To Preach the Man, (Jesus), and NOT the plan." True enough - Jesus IS at the center of ALL TRUE GOSPEL PREACHING! But preaching that ignores HIS teaching is NOT gospel preaching, (Mt 28:18,19; 2 Tim 4:2; Acts 20:27) - Our preaching must include both the man and the plan! – MP3 / KEYNOTE / PPT / PDF (8/4/2013)

“Wash & Be Clean” - (2 Kings 5:1-27) - [Lessons from the healing of Naaman] Naaman nearly rejected the prospect of physical healing because the conditions did not conform to his expectations (2 Kings 5:1-14). In like manner, many reject God’s terms of spiritual pardon as expressed through the gospel (Acts 2:36-38; 22:6-16; Gal. 3:26-27; 1 Pet. 3:20-21). - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 2/23/2014

“I Have Been Redeemed” — (1 Peter 1:17-21) Why do all men need redemption? What is redemption? Why was the blood of Jesus the necessary price to be paid for man’s redemption? How are men redeemed by the blood? — AUDIO / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF — (01/12/2020)

“Begotten By The Word” — (1 Peter 1:22-2:3) Is Obedience necessary to being spiritually cleansed? How does regeneration occur - does one have to be miraculously regenerated by the Spirit apart from the word? Have you been born again? You haven’t if you have never obeyed the TRUTH - The Word of God — AUDIO / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF — (01/12/2020)

“Obeying The Great Commission” SENDER / SCOPE / SALVATION / SUBMISSION / STRENGTH (Matthew 28:18-20; Mark 16:15-16; Luke 24:46-48) - (September 27, 2020) AUDIO / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF / VIDEO


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