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“The Need For Godly Women In The Church” - [Romans 16:1-4; 1 Peter 3:1-4; 1 Timothy 2:11-14; Titus 23-5] - The scriptural role, value, character, motivation and behavior of the godly woman is examined.  -  MP3  / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 12/27/2015

“Serving God By Faith” - The NT Pattern For The Work of the CHURCH - Benevolence” - [Select Passages] - The need / Aauthorized methods / Some Unauthorized Methods Both Past & Current -  MP3  / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 12/27/2015

“The Parable of The Pharisee and Tax Collector . . .” - [Two Men, Two Prayers, Two Attitudes,  Two Verdicts - Luke 18:9-14] - After pointing out some misapplications some have made of this parable, we examine the lessons we need to learn from it. We take note of the clear distinctions between the two men, their prayers, their attitudes and finally their status before God.  -  MP3  / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 12/20/2015

“Serving God By Faith” - The NT Pattern For The Work of the CHURCH - Evangelism” - [Select Passages] - The need /Aauthorized methods / Some Unauthorized Methods Both Past & Current -  MP3  / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 12/20/2015

“God Isn’t Fixing It” - [Revelation 13:1-10] - Why doesn't God fix the problem of violence in our society? - Join us as we examine the Bible answer to this question. Spoiler alert - God will fix it in HIS time! -  MP3  / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 12/13/2015

““Serving God By Faith” - The NT Pattern For The Work of the CHURCH - Edification” - [Ephesians 4:11-16] -  MP3  / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 12/13/2015

“The Reward of Having A Faith Based Perspective” - [Ecclesiastes 11:1-12:14] - The book of Ecclesiastes emphasizes the “Vanity” of life “under the sun.” One may exclusively pursue anything & everything “under the sun” - but all that one may acquire or experience, in the end, not only will prove to be a waste of time & effort, but result in losing what is most valuable, one’s soul. The last two chapters of Ecclesiastes  emphasize the need to view & live life by faith in God & with loyalty to God. A faith based perspective on life is a long term investment, an investment beneficial to others, enables endurance, hope, & joy. Also, the earlier one starts living with a faith based perspective, the better. -  MP3  / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 12/6/2015

“The Value of Guilt” - [1 Timothy 1:12-17; Psalm 51:1-17] - What role does ‘guilt' have in our lives? How should we deal with our guilt? Even after we have been forgiven of our sins - and our guilt before God is removed, our past sinfulness still has and effect on us - what effect does it have in your life? -  MP3  / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 11/29/2015

“The New Testament Pattern For Music” - [Worshipping God By Faith] - Why should true worshippers of God oppose using mechanical musical instruments in our worship to God? -  MP3  / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 11/29/2015

“Overcoming Disappointment, Frustration & Discouragement”  - [1 Kings 19:1-18; Hebrews 12:1-5,12-15] - Disappointments & frustrations are a part of life & becoming discouraged is something every Christian experiences. However, many times we attempt to deal with our negative feelings & experiences in superficial or temporary ways, (e.g., withdrawing from relationships, giving up prematurely, or even turning a blind eye to the problems we face, etc). These measures will eventually result only in more and more discouragement. – The cycle, if not properly dealt with, will continue until our faith is destroyed. We need to realize discouragement is a product of our own improper perspectives and inadequacies -  NOT merely our circumstances! This lesson examines what the Bible says about discouragement - - - Why do we become discouraged? What perspective is needed? What qualities & characteristics must I develop within myself?  What are some practical steps to take that will help guard our hearts from becoming discouraged? Is It Possible I Am The One Who Needs To Change? This is a lesson most all of us can benefit from – I pray that it is an encouragement to you. -  MP3  / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 11/22/2015

“What Dose The Bible Say About That?”  - [Selected passages] - Our understanding of the Bible is not so much dependant upon our intellect, or intelligence, but rather our humility - upon our willingness to believe and obey that which God has revealed. This lesson focuses on some plain, straitforward passages illustrating this truth - e.g., What does the Bible say about religious division? or women being in positions of church leadership? What does the Bible say about the church providing recreation and entertainment? What does the Bible say about marriage, divorce and remarriage? When someone does me wrong, how should I handle it according to the Bible? Is salvation by faith only according to the Bible? Is baptism essential for salvation acording to the Bible? -  MP3  / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 11/15/2015

“Worshipping God By Faith - The NT Pattern For Teaching As Collective Worship ” - Acts 20:17-32 - A continuation of our study on the worship of the church.  - MP3  / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 11/15/2015

“The Walking Dead”  - [Ephesians 2:1-10; Luke 9:60; 1 Timothy 5:6; 1 Peter 4:6] - A popular craze today is that of “zombies.” - and no, this lesson is not about zombies (like what you see on TV), but rather about the real, and very sad condition of many, i.e., they are living in this world without Christ, spiritually dead, not even knowing they are lost - on the road to being eternally seperated from God in hell. What are some dangers, or threats to our spiritual health, and can kill us spiritually? What are some symptoms that I am heading towards spiritual death? -  will we choose life or death? - MP3  / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 11/8/2015

“Worshipping God By Faith - The NT Pattern For Prayer ” - Acts 4:23-31 - A continuation of our study on the worship of the church.  - MP3  / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 11/8/2015

“What is written in the law?  What is your reading of it?”  - [Luke 10:21–29] - God has REVEALED Himself & His will - God’s word means what it means - it is the truth - We can understand it! - - - I have often said that a correct understanding of the scriptures is not so dependent upon our understanding “difficult” passages, but rather believing & obeying the easy passages! -  MP3  / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 11/1/2015

“God’s Will For Your Sanctification"  - [Living Holy Lives - Abstaining From Sexual Immorality - 1 Thes. 4:1-8] - Fornication is NEVER a “harmless” act or a “healthy release.” - It is ALWAYS offensive to God & destructive to our well being! - There is NO SUCH THING AS SAFE SIN!! - NO sin, regardless of what kind of temporal pleasure it may give, is worth losing your soul over! -  MP3  / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 10/25/2015

Living Worthy of Our Calling  - [Rodger Payne] - MP3  - 10/25/2015

“Balaam - Lessons From A Profit Seeking Prophet"  - [Jude 5-16; Numbers 22-25; 31:16; 2 Pet. 2:15-16; Rev. 2:14] - The final year of the Israelites’ journey from Egypt to Canaan. They had conquered the Amorites and their mighty kings (Num 21:21-35). Balak, the king of Moab, and the Moabites were “exceedingly afraid,” . . . and “sick with dread” - (Num 22:2,3). He calls on Balaam to come and curse them. Balaam is mentioned in 8 books of the Bible – It is clear that the Holy Spirit intended for us to learn some lessons from this man’s life. -  MP3  / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 10/18/2015

“Worshipping God By Faith - Giving As We Have Prospered"  - [The NT Pattern For Giving] - 1 Corinthians 16:1-4 answers several questions relating to our need to give to the Lord. This lessons answers several questions - When? Who? Where? How much? – Do we realize that the manner, amount, and quality of that which we give back to the Lord, manifest our love and  respect, (honor) for Him? - Mal 1:6; Prov. 3:9 -  MP3  / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 10/18/2015

“The Perfect Family"  - [Colossians 3:18-21; Deuteronomy 6:4-9] - The “FAMILY,” as God designed it, is under attack! In fact - I would argue our current moral CRISIS in this country is due to the current disrespect for God’s divine pattern for the home, and the overall lack of godly families. - - - It is very true that families are comprised of imperfect people - To properly & successfully address & overcome any problem - we must appeal to God’s word & FOLLOW IT! - - - When God comes first in the heart of every family member - the family will be as God designed it! - - - OH, how we NEED GODLY HOMES!– MP3  / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 10/11/2015

““Worshipping God By Faith - The Lord’s Supper"  - [Matthew 26:26-29; 1 Corinthians 11:17-34] - In this lesson several questions are raised  about the Lord’s supper:  (1. What Is It? - - 2. Where Should We Partake? - - 3. When Should We Partake? - - 4. Who Should Partake? - - 5. How Are We To Partake? - - 6. What Are The Consequences Of Abuse?) Join us as we appeal to the scriptures to answer these question – MP3  / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 10/11/2015

“Is Jesus With YOU?"  - [Are We Diligently & Honestly Seeking The Real Jesus? - Luke 2:41-52] - It is VERY possible to suppose Jesus is with us when He is NOT! - - - - Many have formulated, accepted & follow a Jesus of their own making, or a different Jesus who fits their own desires & beliefs. Will we make a HONEST & SERIOUS investigation to be certain? - Are we looking for Jesus in all the wrong places? Are we TRULY seeking the REAL Jesus?  – MP3  / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 10/4/2015

“Lessons From David’s Charge To Solomon"  - [1 Chronicles 28:1-14] - David calls a public assembly to address the building of the temple & solidify Solomon’s place as king. For the kingdom to continue - Solomon and the people would have to faithfully follow the law of God, "with a loyal heart and with a willing mind.“ - MP3  / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 9/27/2015

“What Gives God The Right" … Seth Barger - MP3  - 9/27/2015

“He Who Overcomes Will Inherit All Things"  - [Revelation 21:5-8] - We are EITHER OVERCOMING the world through FAITH IN JESUS, (1 John 5:1-5) - or we are being overcome by the world, (2 Pet 2:20-22) - We will either INHERIT ALL THINGS or we will lose all things -The choice is ours -  Mat 16:26; Rev 22:12-17 - MP3  / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 9/20/2015

“The New Testament Patter of Worship For The Local Church" - [selected scriptures] -  It is important “HOW” we worship! There are MANY different ways to engage in “FALSE” worship! The “PURPOSE” of worship is to honor & glorify God -  The ONLY way to honor & glorify God in our worship is to worship AS HE SAYS! - MP3  / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 9/20/2015

“The Impartiality of God"  - [Romans 2:1-16] - What does it mean to say God is “no respector of persons? or “God is impartial? What does it NOT mean? This lesson examines what the Bible teaches about the impartiality of God: The unniversal availability of salvation - the universal standard by which we will all be judged - God accepts all who will trust and obey His Son. - MP3  / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 9/13/2015

“Organization of A Scripturally Organized Church  - [selected scriptures] - The New Testament provides the divinely approved patternhow the church of our Lord is to be organized. The early church departed from that divine pattern resulting in wide spread apostas. A church truly seeking to conform to the Lord’s will will seek out and follow the divine pattern. A failure to respect the divine pattern fails to honor the God of heaven. - MP3  / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 9/13/2015

“What Modern Day Idolatry Looks Like"  - [Romans 1:18-25] - Idolatry is the dethroning of the One True God in our heart & replacing Him with ANYTHING or ANYONE else! Our culture is just as guilty of idolatry as any pagan culture mentioned in the Bible. However - this lesson has to do with idolatry in a different light than what most of us would think. I want to submit to you that much of what is commonly called “Christianity” in our culture is not only very dissimilar to biblical Christianity, but is actually a form of idolatry. Please view the charts and listen to this lesson and see why this is the case. - MP3  / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 9/6/2015

“Why The Sermon?"  - [Colossians 1:9-29] - What should the preacher preach? Why should the preacher preach? How should the preacher preach? - - - What should the preacher be striving to accomplish? How can the faithful preacher successfully accomplish his objecives? The preachers task is to proclaim scripture and give the sense of it  (Neh 8:8; 2 Tim 2:15; 4:2) - - The faithful preacher must preach the word of God, because the power of conversion is ONLY found in the word of God. – Do we fully realize the importance & need for sound, faithful preaching?- - What should we expect from the preacher? What kind of preaching does God demand? How different is the preaching commonly on exhibit today different from the kind of preaching exemplified in the Bible? - - MP3  / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 8/30/2015

How Can  We Establish That Which God Wants & Demands From Us?  - Is It Expedient? - [How can we determine if an act is merely an aide in fulfilling God’s commands, and thus in harmony with God’s will, or if it is an addition to God’s instruction and thus against God’s will?  - Our intentions may be to glorify God in the things we do, but if we are not obeying God, we ARE NOT GLORIFYING Him! - This lesson contains some much needed teaching for our day! - Part 1  MP3 / Part 2  MP3PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 8/23/2015 & 8/23/2015 

“Consider Your Ways - Build God’s House"  - [The Book of Haggai] -  God raises up Haggai in the 2nd year of the Persian king, Darius Hystaspes (521–486 b.c.) to arouse the leaders & Judah from their spiritual lethargy & get back to work on the temple16 year delay. - (Ezra 5:1–2; Hag. 1:1). The people are rebuked and then challenged to get busy. The problem then was the same as it is today whenever God’s work is being put off - we fail to TRULY put God first in our lives. ARE WE laboriously involved with our own affairs while neglecting our spiritual state, duties & responsibilities?  -  MP3  / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 8/23/2015

“Epaphroditus - A Model Sacrificial Servant" - [Philippians 2:25-30; 4:18]  - Would Epaphroditus make your list of Biblical heroes? He is mentioned in only two passages as a supporting character, not a headliner— What makes this man worthy of our consideration?  (hold such men in esteem - Phili 2:29) - Epaphroditus is a living & powerful example of the type of humble, sacrificial service! -  MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 8/16/2015

“My Christianity—A Matter of Convenience or Conviction"  - [1 Kings 12:25-33; Acts 24:25] -  We are living in a world filled with all types of modern conveniences. We have developed life-styles adapted to these conveniences. There is nothing inherently evil in conveniences, but they can lead us to develop unhealthy spiritual attitudes & can be a real danger to our faith & faithfulness to God. They can corrupt our service to God! There are NO shortcuts to salvation or spiritual growth … Nor can we substitute our convenient ways for God’s commands. -  MP3  / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 8/9/2015

“How Can  We Establish That Which God Wants & Demands From Us?  - How God Instructs" - [The Principle of Submission - The nature of positive instruction & our NEED to obey God’s word as He has instructed]  - When God specifies a thing to be done and He specifies by positive instruction how He wants it to be done, we have no choice but to follow His specified instructions or be in rebellion. Our intentions may be to glorify God in the things we do, but if we are not obeying God, we ARE NOT GLORIFYING Him! - This lesson contains some much needed teaching for our day! -  MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 8/9/2015

“Things That Promote Unity In The Body of Christ"  -  & Things That Destroy It - [1 Corinthians 1:1-13; Ephesians 4:1-6; Philippians 2:1-5; James 3:13-18] -  When one becomes a Christian – that person enters into a relationship with the Father, Son & Holy Spirit & with other Christians. The very nature of the relationship should produce unity, cohesion, joint labor & joint success. But, TOO often this is NOT the case. Why? Without question, unity is important to God, seeing that numerous passages deal with it. It also should be noted that ANYONE quilty of causing division among God’s people, be it through introducing false doctrines or ungodly attitudes, is under the curse of God. What is the unity God demands? What MUST be the basis of this unity? How can we be the united people God demands? -  MP3  / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 8/2/2015

“Will We Go On Or Go Back?”  -  Having The Faith & Love To Overcome![Numbers 21:4–6] -  The exodus of the children of Israel was indeed a great event in human history. For the Israelites who witnessed the mighty power of God, and received His commandments & covenant began a long journey with joy and anticipation of great things. As the way became difficult, they came to be filled with doubts & misgivings about the way & those leading them - including God Himself. MOST of them never received the promises, but instead died in the wilderness. They longed for their former life of bondage. Will We Have The Faith & Love To Overcome? - MP3  / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 7/19/2015

““How To Establish Faith” - [The Principle of Submission - How Can  We Establish That Which God Wants & Demands From Us? How Can We Know We Are Walking By Faith?]   - God has used the basic laws of communication to reveal His will to us. Don’t think that if God had spoken in nothing but direct statements or commands that unity would exist! There are many things God has explicitly stated that the majority of those professing faith in Christ refuse to believe & obey. Understanding approved examples as well as the necessary implications of  the statements God has made are both essential to understanding and abiding in God’s divine will. -  MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 7/19/2015

“The Power & Wisdom of God Vs. Worldy Wisdom" - [1 Corinthians 1:17-2:16] - Corinth was a stronghold of “worldly wisdom” where paganism & immorality was the norm. Nearly 50 different philosophical systems competed in a culture of mass confusion. Divine wisdom has never appeared to be very wise from an unbelieving human perspective. Today, we have many of the same problems Corinth had, and we also have the same solution - the need to understand, believe and obey God’s word - the ONLY hope of salvation for a lost and confused world - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 7/12/2015

“Can We Do A Thing Which God Has NOT Instructed Us To Do By Faith?" - [The Principle of Submission - Seeking Permission For All We Believe Teach & Practice] - All we do in our service to God has its source of permission, or authority. Either God has instructed us through His word to believe & do a thing or man has taken the initiative to authorize the thing believed or done. Which can be done by faith? -  MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 7/12/2015

“Learning Contentment" - [1 Timothy 6:3-19] - What contentment is not - What it is - what does it do for us? - How can we be content? Is God ENOUGH? - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 7/5/2015

“Abraham, His Journey of Faith” - [Genesis 11:27-25:11] - He was the father of the faithful, called a friend of God & often mentioned in the scriptures as being a great example of faith (Rom 4:12) - He was not a great man of faith because he never sinned, but because he overcame his sin & doubts - continuing to trust God, growing in his faith to the point he “offered up Isaac … his only begotten son” [Heb 11:17]  -  MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 6/28/2015

"Must We Do Something To Be Saved?”  - [Brent Sharp] - MP3  - 6/28/2015

“Not My Will, But YOURS Be Done!” - [What Effect Does God’s Word Have In Your Life?] - (Matthew 26:36-46; James 1:17-27) - Some Are Hearers But NOT Doers … Explains why 1) Plain passages are sometimes rejected. 2) Many people will not engage in Bible study and discussion. 3) It is hard to explain things to some folks. 4) Preaching the truth on a problem doesn’t always solve the problem. -  What Effect Does God’s Word Have In Your Life? … What are the keys to being DOERS & not hearers ONLY? - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 6/21/2015

“Is The Church of CHRIST A Biblical Church?” - [A Church That Belongs To Jesus Teaches The Biblical Plan of Salvation)  - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 6/21/2015

“What, When, Why & How Are We To Forgive One Another?” - What It Means To Forgive? - When MUST I Forgive? - Why MUST I Forgive? - How CAN I Forgive? — We MUST NEVER hold on to anger, bitterness or a grudge - but rather we MUST ALWAYS be kind & tender hearted -compassionate & loving - doing good - turning the other cheek - even taking loss - etc. - I MUST ALWAYS have a desire to forgive - how does forgiving others apply to reconciliation & fellowship? - Can we fully & completely forgive those who continue to live in sin? -  MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 6/14/2015

“Is The Church of CHRIST A Biblical Church?” - [A Church That Belongs To Jesus Submits To Him] - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 6/14/2015

GOSPEL MEETING  - Joseph Casimier

‍        Attitudes Toward Faith -If we want to survive the trials, temptations, disappointments, and other stumbling blocks set before us, we must have the right kind of faith - Sunday June 7 - LISTEN 

‍        Attitudes Toward Jesus - There are forces at work today to discredit Jesus as the only begotten Son of God. In spite of what the Bible reveals, the religious world holds diverse views in regards to Jesus - Sunday June 7 - LISTEN  

‍        Attitudes Toward Saving Souls - What is the kingdom of heaven like? It’s like having a lot of work but with few workers. If we recognize our duty, we will be actively involved in the harvest of souls - Sunday June 7 - LISTEN  

‍        Attitudes Toward The World -­ Jesus Spoke Of His Disciples As Being “In The World But Not Of The World.” How Do We Fit In? 
- Monday, June 8 -

‍        Attitudes Toward Your Soul -­ The Example Of Cornelius Shows That Being Religious And Being Good Is Not Enough To Be Saved 
- Tuesday, June 9 -

‍        Attitudes Toward Forgiveness -­ Jesus Said If We Forgive Others God Will Forgive Us. If We Don’t Forgive Others God Will Not Forgive Us - Wednesday, June 10 - LISTEN  

‍        Attitudes Toward Heaven -­ Shall We Know One Another In Heaven? We Will Search The Scriptures To Answer This Question - Thursday, June 11 - LISTEN  

‍        Attitudes Toward Eternity -­ The Journey To Eternal Punishment Or To Eternal Life Is Our Choice To Make. If We Plan To Go To Heaven, We Will Not Get There By Accident - Friday, June 12 - LISTEN  

“Keys To A Successful Gospel Meeting” - [Blessed is the one who will eat at the feast in the kingdom of God]. - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 5/31/2015

“Is The Church of CHRIST A Biblical Church?” - [A Biblical Understanding of The Church Jesus Built] - Is the church of Christ a denomination? What is denominationalism? Is denomination-alism pleasing to God? What is the CURE for division (denominationalism)?  - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 5/31/2015

“This Is NOT A Salvation Issue! … OR IS IT?” - [1 Corinthians 6:9-10; Revelation 21:8; Matthew 7:21-23; 2 John 9,10; Romans 14] - A salvation issue is usually defined as something for which a person will go to hell if he persists in and does not repent. Often times when we have a scripture or topic come up that we have a disagreement with someone about - we might say that “it’s not a salvation issue so there’s no reason to discuss it.” - What exactly is and is not a salvation issue? - How do we know what is and is not a salvation issue? - And just as importantly, why do we feel qualified to say that something is not a salvation issue?  - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 5/24/2015

“Characteristics of A Strong Church - [Karl VanDevender] -  MP3 - 5/24/2015

“The Lord’s church in an 'Experience Driven Culture'” - [John 6:60-69] - As churches decline in membership, they begin to compromise to sustain numbers - Many churches have adopted the "market driven" approach – i.e., Find out what people want and give it to them - WHAT EVER THAT IS! — Many churches of Christ are dondoinge the same things! Can the church fight apathy and materialism by feeding people's carnal appetites? Has the word of God lost it’s power & effectiveness? What should the churches response be to the populace and its increasing hunger for an “experience” & disinterest in the truth?  - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 5/17/2015

“Just Follow Jesus” - [John 21:1-25]  - The final lesson in the series - Jesus’ appearance by the lake (21:1–14) / Jesus’ reinstating of Peter (21:15–23) / The colophon (21:24–25). -  MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 5/17/2015

“David Strengthened Himself In The Lord His God" - [1 Samuel 30:1-31] - We all need encouragement from time to time. [Times of discouragement, (loss of health, done wrong by a friend etc.)  Times of uncertainty, (when we lose our sense of control)  - Times of stress, (when our load seems heavier than we can bear). - Times of crisis & fear. (When all seems lost … )] - David found himself in a crisis and strengthened himself in the Lord His God- Where do you turn when you NEED to be encouraged? - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 5/10/2015

“Believing Thomas” - [John 20:24-31] - Thomas was in the same boat as the other disciples in that they did not believe until they saw Jesus for themselves! - Thomas had previously demonstrated great trust and loyalty - but needed to be rebuked like the others for his unbelief. But when he saw Jesus - he believed and exclaimed Jesus to be his “Lord and God.” Jesus pronounced blessing on him for believing - but He also pronounced that all those who believe in Him without seeing would be blessed. How can we come to have the same kind of faith Thomas had? -  MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 5/10/2015

“Buy The Truth And Sell It Not” - [Proverbs 23:23] - There are many enemies of the truth these days, but the biggest enemies may not be who we think! Too many professing Christians “sell the truth” for cheap, temporary pleasure and Satan’s deceptive lies! Where can the truth be found? What is needed for us to find it? One should spare no pains, cost or sacrifice to obtaining the truth & keeping it safe. We learn what a thing is worth to US by what WE are willing to pay for it! How valuable is the truth worth to you? - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 5/3/2015

“Saved Like Noah" - [Baptism also now saves us … 1 Peter 3:18-22] - Many strive to explain the apostle Peter’s words in the above text in ways that negate that which he affirms. This study is a detailed examination of this text — 1) what is meant by the type / antitype construction of verses 20 and 21?  — 2) What does Peter mean when he says, “baptism also now saves us?” — 3) What is the meaning of the parenthetical phrase "(not the removal of the filth of the flesh, but the answer of a good conscience toward God)? - I realize many may disagree with the conclusions we have reached, but I pray that all will prayerfully and sincerely consider this study and accept that which is the truth. (If anyone has any questions about this lesson, or other materials on this site - please contact me  - DM) - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 4/26/2015

“The Value of God’s Word" - [Psalm 19] - Rodger Payne - MP3

“What Is Real, True, Genuine Repentance?" - [According To God’s Word — Matthew 21:28-32] - Repentance is a command of God / Repentance is something God wills that every one of us would do - Sadly, very few are willing to actually, truly REPENT! Repentance has often been referenced as “the hardest command!” Why? What is so difficult about repentance? In this study we examine what repentance IS NOT - then  five characteristics of genuine repentance. -  MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 4/19/2015

“The Resurrected Christ Appears To His Disciples” - [John 20:11-23] - John’s Gospel comes to a conclusion with a proclamation of Jesus’ victory over death (chap. 20) followed by an epilogue (chap. 21). This lesson focuses on The significance of the first appearances of Jesus to Mary Magdalene & the apostles, (minus Thomas) on the same day of His resurrection  -  MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 4/19/2015

“The Timely & The Timeless” - [Ecclesiastes 3:1-17] - The book of Ecclesiastes teaches us that life on earth, from a materialist point of view … all labor, (i.e. every thought & effort towards material reward) is ultimately, in the final analysis, worthless. Therefore, the conclusion of the all important question, “what is life about and why am I here,” is answered in chapter 12:13,14, "Fear God and keep His commandments, For this is man’s all.” Things under the sun have their proper order, purpose & consequence. Each and every one of us will answer to God, and be held accountable for how we use the things God has given us. - Will we choose the “Timely, or the Timeless?” - (cf. Mat 16:26) -  MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 4/12/2015

“The Burial of Jesus & The Empty Tomb” - [John 20:1-10] - John’s Gospel comes to a conclusion with a proclamation of Jesus’ victory over death (chap. 20) followed by an epilogue (chap. 21). This lesson focuses on the significance of Jesus’ burial & resurrection and the trustworthiness of the two main witnesses of these events - the apostles, and the scriptures.  -  MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 4/12/2015

“Having Joy In The Service of Our Faith” - [Philippians 2:12-18] - For many, serving the Lord is a “great burden.” Sin is the REAL burden while sincere & genuine obedience to God brings real & everlasting joy. In the text we see the “joy of labor,” the “joy of effectiveness,” and the “joy of sacrifice." -  MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 4/5/2015

“What Will You Reap?" - [We Reap What We Sow] - (Luke 8:5-15; 2 Cor 9:6; Gal 6:7-9) - We Are All Sowing – but to what end? The principle of reaping according to what we have sown is as old as creation & applies in both the material & spiritual realm. This lesson examines three areas in which we are all sowing - (Sowing The Seed / Use of Material Things / Thoughts & Deeds) What will you reap in these three areas? –   MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 3/29/2015

“The Crucifixion of Jesus” - [John 19:17-30] - What was crucifixion? What did Jesus see & experience on the cross? What is our reaction & response to the cross? -  MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 3/29/2015

“Knowing God’s Will" - [How Can I Know Which Choice Is The Right Choice?] -  We are often presented with difficult choices. The godly person seeks to please God in the choices he/she makes, thus the godly person desires to know God’s will in the matter. God is aware of our struggles & needs - God does indeed lead His people today [the question is NOT if, but HOW!] - How can we be confident in the choices we make being God’s will?   MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 3/22/2015

“Will You Be Led To Jesus?” - [Rufus Thrower] -  MP3  - 3/22/2015

“The Futility of Rejecting God’s Word" - [Jeremiah 36:1-32] - Unbelief doesn’t change the fact that God’s word is true! God’s Word IS: Indestructible, Everlasting & Unalterable. - God’s word will last forever as originally given- and to reject God’s word is to do so at our own peril. Let us also realize that to attempt to alter God’s word, to change it in any way is to reject it. Let us believe & obey God’s word as it IS! -  MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 3/15/2015

“The Trial of Jesus” - [John 18:12-19:16] - Jesus taken to Annas, - Then to Caiaphas and SOME of the elders – Jesus sent to Pilate – Jesus sent to Herod “tetrarch of Galilee” - Herod sends Jesus back to Pilate – (What will you do with Jesus?) -  MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 3/15/2015

“When Jesus Is My All In All" - [Colossians 3:1-17] -  What is Jesus Christ to you? Does Jesus Christ “REALLY” have pre-eminence in your life - (Actions speak louder than words!) - When Jesus is TRULY our ALL in ALL - we will be focussed on Him, will  put off the old man with his sin & put on the new man according to the image of Christ! - We will worship in spirit & truth & submit every word & deed to Christ’s authority? - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 3/8/2015

“The Betrayal & Arrest of Jesus” - [John 18:1-12] - Jesus does NOT appear in this narrative as a mere victim - nor is he overcome by an external superior power! -  MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 3/8/2015

“A False Sense of Security" - [Being Aware of the Danger] - [Amos 6:1-8] - To feel secure is to be free from anxiety, doubt and fear - To feel SAFE! - It is not pleasant to live in this world without feeling secure - so we put a lot of effort into “feeling” secure - even if there is no substance in what makes us “FEEL” secure. Feeling secure does not mean we are! Many Today “FEEL” Secure BUT ARE LOST! - Feeling secure can lead to overconfidence and carelessness - God wants us to BE SECURE! (the first seven minutes of the audio file has a buz, but much better quality after that) - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 3/1/2015

“Let God Be True, But Every Man A Liar" - [Romans 3:1-8] - God is always true, right, and justified in His actions - When I AGREE with God I am in the right! - If I DISAGREE with Him I am always wrong! - There are many who disregard God’s word, reject it and seek things that are directly opposed to its clear teaching. (Origins? Morality? Worship? Salvation?) - We MUST return to, and hold steadfastly to God’s word, which is THE TRUTH - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 2/22/2015

“The Glory of God In Zion" - [Psalm 48:1-14] - The Psalmist is praising and magnifying God for the beauty, glory & preservation of Zion, due to the presence of God - God’s presence was dependent upon their obedience to Him! - The church of Christ is the spiritual Zion (cf Heb.12:22) & the plea made in this text by the Psalmist almost 3000 years ago is as badly needed today as it was then. - PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 2/1/2015

“The Lord’s Prayer” - [Part 3] [John 17:20-26] - In connection with our Lord’s teaching, which began in chapter 13, Jesus prays for Himself, His chosen apostles, and for all who become believers through the apostles teaching. This third lesson focuses on Jesus’ prayer for all those who would believe on Him through the apostles teaching - PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 2/8/2015

“Lessons From Paul’s Appearance Before Felix"  - (Acts 24:22-27) - Gospel is universal … All need it / Gospel is rational … Reason with it / Courageously speak what people need / Truth should terrify the lost / Do not delay … Obey now! -  MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 2/8/2015

“The Lord’s Prayer” - [Part 2] [John 17:6-19] - In connection with our Lord’s teaching, which began in chapter 13, Jesus prays for Himself, His chosen apostles, and for all who become believers through the apostles teaching. This second lesson focuses on Jesus’ prayer for His apostles - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 2/8/2015

“Profanity - It Is A Big Deal!” - Disrespecting That Which Is Holy Is A Serious Matter - Profanity involes more than the things we may say - We can be guilty of profane speech - profane worship & profane behavior. --  God demands we respect His person, His word, & His institutions! We can ONLY honor God by faithfully serving & obeying Him! - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 2/1/2015

“Fellowship In Matters of Judgment"  - (Romans 14:1-15:7) - [The Realm of Liberty Should Not Be A Warzone] - Romans 14 has been grossly abused by those teaching or defending error . . .  Romans 14 teaches the need for tolerance & Forbearance with brethren who differ in matters of indifference to God . . . Attempts to put sinful practices & false doctrine in Romans 14 violates Text & Context. -  MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 1/25/2015

“Would You Give It Back?” - Ashton Wilson - MP3 - 1/25/2015

“Not A Hoof Left Behind  - (Exodus 8:25-10:26) One of the devil’s favorite tools is compromise - There are times when compromise is good & necessary - but there are also times when it is forbidden & destructive! - In areas of doctrine & sin - we must hold rigidly to God's demands. We cannot allow Satan to control ANY area of our lives. -  MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 1/18/2015

“The Lord’s Prayer (part 1)" - [John 17:1-5] - In connection with our Lord’s teaching, which began in chapter 13, Jesus prays for Himself, His chosen apostles, and for all who become believers through the apostles teaching,This first lesson focuses on the first part of the Lord’s prayer recorded in John 17. - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 1/18/2015

“Fellowship - Basis, Nature & Limit"  - [1 John 1:1-10] - The basis for “Fellowship” is the “TRUTH.” When we depart from the truth – we set in motion that which will destroy our fellowship with God & each other - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 1/11/2015

“No One Can Take Your Joy"  - [John 16:16-33] - I tell you the truth -  introduces a solemn prediction that their coming grief would be followed by joy. His death would bring the world joy & be bitter agony for them - However, this very event would afterward bring them great joy … His resurrection & the coming of the Holy Spirit would change everything. - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 1/11/2015

“A Spiritual Checkup"  - Evaluating Our Spiritual Health - MP3 / PPT / KEYNOTE / PDF - 1/4/2015


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